Scale 75 vs citadel

Id also love to own one, but now is not the time. I a solutely love most of Mesa Boogies amps! But as I've said I. The past at 63 years old and a Pro musician. I'm not in the furniture moving business, lol! If I had the luxury of a roadie and I have a Gibson L-4 and I think it is a wonderful guitar. Carved top and laminated back it has a great woody tone. Replacing a reverb tank is an easy job, but before doing that I'd unplug the RCA jacks and hit both male and female sides with Deoxit or QD electronics cleaner.

Spittiness is often a result of crud The thing I keep trying to impart in this thread is not the tools that help you make music capo,tunings ,etc. It's that music is a lifelong study or vocation that requires discipline wether it be I love Blossom Dearie.

I think there are better singers but few I listen to or enjoy more. Thanks for the input, guys. I use nothing but the phone. Video: press record, when done, stop.

scale 75 vs citadel

At YouTube: upload file, hit Publish. No editing, Ironically the TF sounds fine RP Yes, RP and all musicians do it. Hi, I was a student of the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute online in the late s, and as a beginner in guitar jazz, I really enjoyed and benefited from his lessons and advice.

I left the course Love the looks, sound, playability. Have had it for a while, but now seemed like a good time to post. That's great! Here's to weathering this mess, and to your continued and increasing success. Search Titles Only. How different are a Thread Tools. Join Date Oct Posts 4. I'm looking at buying my first hollowbody guitar.Please Note: This site uses affiliate links.

Our affiliates are shown in the sidebar on the homepage. Looking for the best paints for your miniatures? So was I and I almost bit off more than I could chew. When looking for the best Brushes for miniatures. And again when looking for the best Airbrushes for Miniatures. When looking for the best paints for miniatures, Reddit was a good source but the opinions were quite uneven across the board.

There were Over 18, individual votes cast, over 70 paint brands recommended and just under comments made. It took 3 evenings just to calculate the results. This is part of our series of top 10 tools for miniature painting. We plan to do one of these articles for all the essential mini painting tools. Whilst we would mostly use acrylic paints on miniatures, some oil paints on miniatures are worth serious consideration.

Unlike Acrylic paints, miniatures painted with oil paints will offer a much greater working time. With oil paints, miniatures may take longer to dry and therefore extend the time it takes to paint a mini.

As we were saying, there is no single best brand because the term best is entirely dependant on you and what you want to get out of your painting. Do you want an army done quick? Do you want to paint with quick drying time or slow drying time?

Do you just want cheap paints for miniatures that will do the job? All of these considerations and more will make up the best paints specifically for you. Please be considerate that the product in the Number 1 spot is not better than the product in the number 15 spot.I am grateful to the owner of this site which really shares this wonderful work of this site. That is actually great and useful information. I'm satisfied with just sharing this useful information with us.

Please keep it up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. Post a Comment Tell me all April 06, The ears, cheeks and nose all lie within the central zone of the face.

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Those areas have more capillaries carrying oxygenated blood near the. The zone from the nose to the chin where there are relatively more veins carrying blue deoxygenated blood tends toward a bluish, greenish or greyish colour. Some artists accentuated this subtle bluish or greenish hue to bring out the reddish lip colour. Color and Light page - James Gurney. If you have any questions about these paints, please don't hesitate to ask - I'm always happy to provide my thoughts!

Pros and Cons: Scale Length 25-1/2" vs 24-3/4"

Till next week on The Art of Caesura! Watching: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - Kasdan. Reading: Saga: Book 2 - Brian K. Next Week:. Unto the Underhive! Labels Hobby. Labels: Hobby. Photoshop Shadow Effect 24 December at May 12, Hello and welcome to a special edition of The Art of Caesura! I've just returned from Warhammer Fest and what a brilliant time it was! Without a doubt, the big reveal of the festival was the new Contrast Paints that Games Workshop are touting.

They have seriously been marketing the bejesus out of these things, whether it be the three hilarious teaser videos in recent months: Leading up to today's reveal trailer: Or the heavy branding throughout today's swag bag and arena: Including half of an entire floor devoted to display cases of miniatures painted entirely with the new Contrast Paints - and, more excitingly, demo pods where we could give them a spin ourselves!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I attended a seminar on the science behind the new Contrast Paints and between that and what I saw and experienced today, I'd like to share as much of it with you as possible. At the moment information is a little light on the ground though that is sure to change in ….

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November 01, The monstrous Deepwood has consumed the land.Are you looking for the best washes for painting miniatures? How do you know what wash to use for your models?

Acrylic washes are a thinned version of paint.

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Washes provide a way for you to darken, shift-color, or even highlight parts of your model. If you use washes a certain way, the techniques also provides a water-color effect to your model. For most miniature painters, the best washes are created specifically for small models. This means a wash with high-density pigment in a high-quality binding medium with low viscosity thinned, high flow. Of course, I use many washes, but the washes on this list are the most frequently used as you will see why below.


My favorite wash brands include those by Games Workshop and Vallejo. Army Painter makes a great set of washes, too. In the world of miniature painting, a wash is an artistic medium that you use to move pigment into recessed areas of a model. Washing miniatures is a technique that uses a thin, low viscosity pigmented color that flows into deeper crevices, troughs, and cracks of a figure.

When applied liberally over an entire model, a wash will flow off the high points and concentrate in the recesses.

Model Paint Cross Reference Charts

In other words, after you apply a wash over a surface, the color should flow easily off raised areas into deeper areas, e. A shade is a paint medium that darkens. Washes essentially darken a model, but do so where it gathers most, in recesses. I almost always use a wash in my miniature painting. Washes are especially useful in speed painting. The best kind of washes help you maintain high-contrast on a model.

You can use different mediums to make a wash see example acrylic ink washes here or oil washes here. Or, you can buy ready-to-use washes for painting miniatures. You can make washes with thinned acrylic paint. The same colors you use to paint miniatures make great washes if you know how to thin them down properly. There are so many formulas on how to make your own wash.Messages: Likes Received: DXLAug 29, Messages: 2, Likes Received: User NameAug 29, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Not necessarily.

This is due to the increased tension from a given string gauge. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 1, I'm not an expert but I am pretty sure the main differences are: 1 Feel. With the shorter scale there tends to be less space between notes; therefore, chords or leads where you have to 'stretch' from one note to another will be easier on the smaller scale.

The shorter scale will have less tension, thus it will be easier to do bends.

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The downside is that if you like a really tight tension you will need to use thicker strings on the smaller scale. Generally the biggest change you will notice in frequency response will be that with longer scales with all factors being the same -- woods, pickups, amps, etc. Please note that these are very small differences and are only slightly noticeable.

The differences will become more noticeable when you go from say a AkiraSpectrumAug 29, Also I don't feel like starting another thread so I'm just going to ask here, is it true that putting heavier gauge strings on a guitar bows the neck?

Because I've done it before with my guitars and I don't have any neck warping problems yet. DXLAug 30, String thickness doesn't bow the neck, string tension does.

AkiraSpectrumAug 30, Not a big deal, really. And just going from Hell, even 11s in standard on a Chances are you can get away with using the same string gauge no problem, a buddy of mine used to tune his Viper down to Drop C with strings and it wasn't really that bad.

ZenoAug 30, Messages: 4, Likes Received: Strats are more of a "standard tuning" guitar so this is interesting to me. I've been considering a 25" scale guitar, this might be erroneous if I'm considering dropping the tunning? I also thought that you generally want higher gauge strings when dropping the tuning no matter what. Please correct me if I'm wrong Historically, It was one of the differences that distinguished each brand.

Fender never made a I think that tradition still exists too.Since we now have a sub-forum for painting and conversion I figured it would be a good idea to share some of our experiences with everyone else. My contribution will be a data base of acrylic paints. Now I ask for your help with this. I myself has experience with five ranges, which hardly cover them all. Any and all info is appreciated and will later be edited into the main article, though try to keep it objective.

For instance, I myself despise Games Workshop and their business practices but I will do my best not to let that bias colour these articles. The impact and influence of GW cannot be overstated and the Citadel range has such a long and varied history that it needs to be told before anything else, starting with the pots. The mk. I suspect that the mk. While the available colours varied quite a bit between the two marks, some were abandoned and others were added, the paint itself was usually quite easy to use.

Also of note is that some other manufacturers use the mk. One word of caution however. I have disovered that the paint in some of these old pots can change its properties quite radically, especially how glossy they are. If you have some of these lying around, try the paint first before committing to using them. An unmitigated failure. If proper care was taken, mostly by making sure the threads for the lid was clean, and making sure the lid closed properly, the life of a pot could be extended several monts.

However no matter what you did, they would dry to a solid unusable mass eventually. Even brand new unopened pots dried out! It also seems that when this bottle was introduced, GW changed a lot formulas and some colours were not the same as before. They also lowered the amount of paint in the bottle and raised the price.

These were hurridly introduced a few years after the mk. It did a far better job of sealing the pot than the previous one but not even close to the mk. Paint in a Mk. The lid was also made of a fairly hard plastic which was perhaps not made to the highest of standards but when opened it remained standing up by itself quite nicely. No major changes to the paints however, they seemed to remain fairly untouched though the low amount of paint and high price also remained.

Flip lid with a similar design a softer plastic to the mk.

Top 7 Best Washes for Painting Miniatures and Models (Tips)

Still no major changes to the formulas, price or amount of paint. During the reign of the mk. Foundation paints had more pigments and was extra opaque to provide better coverage they also smelled quite badlywhile the washes were just that, paints specifically formulated to be used as washes. Many people still swear that Badab Black and Devlan Mud are amongst the best inventions since sliced bread.

scale 75 vs citadel

They are very similar however and seems to have been used simultaneously for some time. Mostly the same as the mk. It was around this time that GW completely changed their paint range. While they added lots of new colours, they also changed almost all of the old ones, and also changed the names which led to some confusion, especially amongst older painters.

At the beginning they seem to have been more focused at providing paints specifically for painting military vehicles. That is no longer true however, and they have several ranges that provide just about every possible colour that one could think of.

Vallejo paints has a tendency to seperate so do beware that vigorous shaking is often needed before use.

Quick Tip: Nuln Oil on Scale75

Abbreviated VMCthis is an extensive range with colours, many of these colours seem to be focused to provide natural and earthy, browns, greens and greys to better cater to military model painters.The number at the end of the description of every matched color is the delta the mathematical distance between the colors. A delta of less than 3 green blocks represent a very close match, nearly visually indistinguishable.

A delta of less than 7 yellow blocks is usually pretty close and can safely be used as a substitute. The middle square is the color of the control paint first columnand the surrounding border is the color of the matching paint. Sunset Red Vallejo - Model - c22c5f. Emperors Children Citadel - Base Layer - bd3f75 6. Tan Vallejo - Game - 9f Murderous Magenta P3 Formula - a81f5e 7.

Warlock Purple Army Painter - bb5b64 9. Cadian Fleshtone Citadel - Base Layer - cb 7. Dwarf Skin Vallejo - Game - cc7c67 3. Khardic Flesh P3 Formula - cb7b5b 5. Scar Tissue Army Painter - ca 1.

Bronze Fleshtone Vallejo - Game - dbc 5. Beast Hide P3 Formula - bb 6. Troll Claws Army Painter - cb8b4e 4. Heavy Orange Vallejo - Game - ee 0.

scale 75 vs citadel

Khador Red Base P3 Formula - ee 7. Lava Orange Army Painter - e 1. Screaming Skull Citadel - Base Layer - d9d8a6 7.

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